[V8] Climate control head lights

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Mon Feb 6 20:38:37 EST 2006

... my recommendation would be to go through the wiring diagram to figure out how the back-light controls are set up.  If you're lucky, the lamps in the instrument cluster proper are controlled by the control on the IC, and all other lights are controlled by the amplifier module.  In that scenario it would be as simple as disconnecting the IC from the amplifier and installing a second potentiometer for the amplifier.  If there were lamps on the output side of the amplifier which you still wanted to have controlled by the main dimmer, you could add a second amplifier, and split the wiring for the areas you want separate control.

It can be a bit difficult to track the wiring for the dimmer circuit as it goes all over the place ... probably better if you have a printed copy of the wiring diagram than the soft copy one.  If someone wants some help figuring this out, let me know and I can pore through my wiring diagram and offer some suggestions.  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Do you mean a resistor in series with all of the IC lights? If so, it will
> have
> to be a big one, and you would never get full brightness from the IC - if you
> ever wanted it.
> It will be far easier to control only the CC head if you want it to be
> dimmable
> since it requires far less power - probably less than 1 watt.
> My idea would tie the CC display at full brightness all the time which would
> suit me fine and be easy to do. Nothing more than snip a wire and re-connect
> to
> the 12v supply to the CC head.
> Dave
> Quoting Dave Head <v8q at bellsouth.net>:
> > You could put a resister in the line to the IC lights...
> >
> > dsaad at icehouse.net wrote:
> >
> > >If you want, you can identify the wire to the display lighting for the CC
> > head,
> > >cut it and tie it to a constant source. I doubt this would interfere with
> > >driving and I have considered it myself.
> > >
> > >Dave
> > >
> > >
> > >Quoting Mike Arman <Armanmik at earthlink.net>:
> > >
> > >>>There is a module in these cars that basically runs the "dimmable"
> > >>>bulbs, acting to take the load off the dimmer thingie.  It looks like a
> > >>>relay (double space), is probably in the aux panel over the drivers
> > >>>knees, and might be numbered 447 919 080.  Might be the problem...
> > >>>
> > >>>-- Huw Powell
> > >>>
> > >>>
> > >>When I read this, the light came on - so to speak.
> > >>
> > >>I've been annoyed by the instrument light/climate control light setup on
> > >>my V8 from day one. If you turn the instrument lights down to where you
> > >>can see the road, the CC head lights go out. If you turn the instrument
> > >>lights up to where you can see the CC head lights, you could place a
> > >>mirror on your lap and use the instrument lights for headlights.
> > >>
> > >>I don't like the idea of fumbling in the dark to set the CC controls,
> > >>and I don't like the idea of raising the instrument light level so I can
> > >>see the CC lights to set it, and then backing the instrument lights down
> > >>so I can see the road again.

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