[V8] Things not to do with your V8 - Volume 1

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Feb 7 17:57:14 EST 2006

Go and sin no more my son...

Quoting Carter Johnson <carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com>:

> And I KNEW I shouldn't.  But I did.  And I screwed myself.
>   I had to get my "new" GT out of a snow bank and into storage.  It was icy,
> so I thought instead of digging through 10 feet of ice twice to make tracks,
> I would use Der TorqueMeister to get the GT out.  Good idea.  Worked like a
> charm.  Car came right out.  However, my lapse of judgement (I KNOW, I KNOW,
> I KNOW not to do this) was to use the trunk pin as a tow point.  I just
> wanted to get it done quick and I figured 10 feet wouldn't matter.  It did -
> to the tune of 1/4 inch.  I pulled the whole panel out just a hair and bent
> the pin.  So, after much hammering, swearing, slamming of the trunk, getting
> on my hands and knees to see why it wouldn't latch, and shimming the pin out
> 1/4 inch with 4 spacers from something in the new GT (the misc. bolt bucket),
> I got the trunk to latch.  Total time to move the car 10 feet?  2 hours.
>   Doh.
>   I couldn't be bothered to just get a little dirty to start with, huh...
>   idiot.
>   Carter
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