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j.tomkins at zipcon.net j.tomkins at zipcon.net
Tue Feb 7 20:28:41 EST 2006

Good evening everyone.

I seem to have sprung the infamous leaking hydralic hose on the power steering pump.  Based on your collective wisdom, are you just having all redone or just the high pressure hose?  I am intending on sending it to Spokane House of Hose for the work unless someone has a better option?  

Reading old posts it looks like the only odd tool I might need to buy is a 19mm crows foot and/or a flare nut wrench?  The posts didn't indicate if it was interchangable.  One would be like a combination wrench and the other 3/8" or 1/2" drive.  Which is prefered?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Nautica 92V8Q?

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