[V8] mixture adaptation/idle issue

John Dodd john.dodd at sait.ca
Wed Feb 8 18:56:38 EST 2006

1. The MAF issue.
I did replace it with a used one.No change but then the used could be
bad too.When I took some measurments on the MAF it did not show
This guy I know changes the MAF on his VW every 50 000 km.He says they
are the biggest problem and a nuissance.(lives in Europe)When they go
bad the engine has a lot less power .
The dealer here wants $800 for a new MAF.
2. Very little smoke or none at all AFIK , though the pipe seems a
little black.(on startup)
The car drives more or less normal but I'd say with less power.
The PCV hoses (the ones that go mushy ?) were changed too.
I'd love to try a MAF that is for sure good just in case .

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