[V8] Seat Belt

Speakoutprod at aol.com Speakoutprod at aol.com
Thu Feb 9 12:01:15 EST 2006

I may need to replace the driver's side seat belt of my 1990 V8.  I don't 
need the part that's attached to the seat (the part with the buckle) -- but I 
need the parts that are on the left side of the driver's seat.

1) Do anyone have one (black)?

2) What is your cost?

3) There is a black cable that is permanently attached to the seat belt take 
up reel located on the lower part of the driver's site door post.  This cable 
runs underneath the front left door to the front of the car.  Do anyone know 
what this cable does and where it attaches?  I'm trying to determine its 
function and how easy it would be to replace.

Many thanks,

Brad Hartman

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