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The cable is part of the proconten system which tensions the seat belts 
in a frontal collision. Be careful with used saftey equipment like 
belts, they can still be obtained from the dealer, however they are a 
couple hundred bucks each.

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Date: Thursday, February 9, 2006 11:04 am
Subject: [V8] Seat Belt

> I may need to replace the driver's side seat belt of my 1990 V8.  
> I don't 
> need the part that's attached to the seat (the part with the 
> buckle) -- but I 
> need the parts that are on the left side of the driver's seat.
> 1) Do anyone have one (black)?
> 2) What is your cost?
> 3) There is a black cable that is permanently attached to the seat 
> belt take 
> up reel located on the lower part of the driver's site door post.  
> This cable 
> runs underneath the front left door to the front of the car.  Do 
> anyone know 
> what this cable does and where it attaches?  I'm trying to 
> determine its 
> function and how easy it would be to replace.
> Many thanks,
> Brad Hartman
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