[V8] A/C blower gone wild

Gene gene.ghc at verizon.net
Sun Feb 12 17:43:31 EST 2006

I've often heard it said that we're not supposed to let these cars sit 
unattended for longer durations.  I've mostly gotten away with it in the 
past, but maybe this time the AGs (AudiGods) caught up with me.

About 15 minutes into a resurrection drive yesterday, the A/C fan begins 
running at full speed.  No amount of button pushing on the controls has 
any effect on the fan activity.  Other A/C functions seemed to operate 
normally, and the display goes dark when pushing the off button and the 
flow is redirected according to control selections.  I thought maybe 
pulling the A/C control unit fuse for few minutes might reset the 
controller and all be would be well.  That's either wrong thinking or I 
pulled the wrong fuse(s), because the fan continues to blast away. (I 
used the sticker on the fuse box cover to identify which fuse(s)).  
Pulling the blower fuse does make it stop.  Stuck relay?  Broken A/C 
control head?  Broken A/C blower control unit?  What does the A/C 
"programmer" do?

Any BTDT, pointers, or suggestions welcome.

'90 V8

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