[V8] interior door handle pinch plate fix?

Karl Middlebrooks coalblacksmith at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 21:15:51 EST 2006

The PO of V8 #1 removed the screws from the driver's side interior door handle, rather than just loosening them. According to the manual, you shouldn't remove them completely, since that will foul up the pinch plate that holds the handle to the door panel.

So now, pretty much every time I close the door from the inside, the handle slides partially off. All the controls and everything still work, but it's annoying to keep having to shove handle back in place after I close the door.

Any ideas on a permanent fix? I haven't poked around with it much, just because I don't want to inadvertently make things worse.

Unrelated to this...In replacing the glove box handle on V8 #2 to solve the permanently open glove box problem, I discovered that the PY (Y = yo-yo) didn't accidentally break it off has he claimed. He pried it off, lost all the parts of the inner lock, and nearly pried the facing of the glove box off the frame in one spot. I'm glad I was able to save the car from that fool.

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