[V8] 14 hours to remove rack?

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Tue Feb 14 22:49:34 EST 2006

This is what my pwr steer expert claims he has spent to get out the rack. Hmmm,
given it is 1-3 hours from what I hear (even for RHD cars, like mine) what has
happened here?

He claims he simply couldn't get the 2-inch clearance to move rack forward
(towards front of car) and thus clear the rack 'head' (where it bolts onto
column) without first dropping back of the transmission. He had to remove rack
out of the LEFT wheel well. Huh? Only thing I can think of is he didn't twist
rack to get it out.

I kinda whish I tackled the job now, as hard as it may have been, as I'd spend
the time to make sure it was right...

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