[V8] V8 interior door handle pinch plate fix?

Ed Dekker dekkere at fuse.net
Tue Feb 14 22:36:58 EST 2006


    Seems your best chance to find the pinch plate and the glove box pieces would be a V8 in a local junkyard or from a lister who is parting out a V8.  Or Bruce at AudiConnection, now named Bruce at GermanAutoConnection 
    BTW, I haven't talked with Bruce about it, but I think the reason he changed the name is that a big-$$$ multiple-brands predator bought Northland Audi and decimated the great staff and friendly policies and also pre-empted the name AudiConnection which is now plastered on the web, in phone books and their advertising.  Hang in there Bruce, we need you.

Ed Dekker
90 V8Q stock, titanium finish
97 A6Q pearl Avant    

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