[V8] Distributor rotor button p/number?

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Feb 15 12:49:40 EST 2006

There is a rotor from a VW that works. I can dig up the part tonight if you have
no luck finding it here.
I heard there was also a cap from some 4-cyl car - but have never seen it for
All the real V8 parts are available, but the OEM spec rotor is nutty expensive,
only because it has a set screw - which I think makes no sense. I prefer the
standard push on type without glue. Cheap and easy.

And - you are right - the dealer wants to sell you a whole new distributor if
you ever need a cap or rotor.
Rick at www.importpartsspec.com can help you out if you get stuck finding
aftermarket parts, and can ship to AU but you likely have a more local supplier.


Quoting pdlord at talent.com.au:

> So the mechanic repairing my steering rack has broken one of the distributor
> rotors...
> He says he will ring Audi tomorrow to see about a replacement. I have just
> checked ETKA and the rotor button is not available as a seperate part...
> hmmm,
> I've heard that the dist cap is the same as the Golf GTI 16V 1.8-litre, can
> anyone confirm it also an interchangable application for the rotor button?
> Can anyone also tell me a Bosch p/number for the rotor button and also if
> the
> rotor button is glued on on the V8?
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