[V8] 14 hours to remove rack?

pdlord at talent.com.au pdlord at talent.com.au
Wed Feb 15 23:42:22 EST 2006

Well you're right Ingo, it shouldn't take that long for anybody, and yes I am
nervous about what I will see when it is eventually ready to pick up. I think
he may have been exaggerating about the 14 hours, or maybe that includes
overhauling the rack as well - oh, and one of the bolts (holding the rack in
place) siezed and stripped the head off, so maybe the time includes having to
drill it out. I don't get it, though, as I spent roughly ten hours doing a r/r
on the heater core (first time I'd done one) and I was almost polishing every
nut and bolt before fitting them back on (an exaggeration, but know what I mean
I was taking my time so I got it right)

I've found a source for a Golf 16v rotor, which should be delivered tomorrow to
the mechanic. Thanks for the info guys!

The mechanic seems like a nice bloke and has promised he will keep to his word
on the price, so without seeing what he's done yet, I feel some sympathy for
him really. I  work for myself and have ended up having to spend too long on
some projects for little return. BUT if he's done a bad job, then I take all
that back....

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