[V8] Bodywork done, ready for paint

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 09:48:58 EST 2006

Well as the job gets closer to being done, my fear, anxiety and doubt about
my final bill are starting to give my hives! ;-)  Insurance is picking up
the $2650 plus $500 rental car allowance, and the body shop let me do all of
the R&R to save a few bucks.  He was going to play with the numbers and give
me an idea of what my out of pocket will be when I pick the car up next
week.  I am picking up the cost of the rear fender cell antenna delete, the
glass removal and reinstall, as well as the roof strip and repaint;
everything else should be covered by the insurance estimate.  (Please say a
prayer for me and someone call my marriage counselor to let them know we
will need a double appointment next week!)




As you can see from the last few pics, it is ready to roll into the paint
booth to get sealed, primed, blocked, and finally painted.  


Thanks to Bruce at GermanAutoConnection, my smoked taillights arrived last
Friday.  They are very high quality (similar to the clear front blinkers),
and look like you might find the Hela stamp on them somewhere.  I test
fitted one of them and it looks pretty cool.  If anyone is interested, my
red taillights (minus the driver's side) and/or the passenger side front
(amber) blinker are available for sale.  Check the marketplace for pics and
price is negotiable for those on the V8 list.


Wish me luck,


- Jeremy

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