[V8] Fuel pressure check valve

urq urq at pacbell.net
Fri Feb 17 01:29:36 EST 2006

... don't recall seeing a response to this one yet ...

Even though the V8 is EFI as opposed to CIS, it is pretty similar when it 
comes to residual pressure issues.  Yes, the check valve is on the pump, 
which *is* in the tank.  If you aren't seeing signs of leaking injectors or 
smelling raw fuel in the engine compartment, the only other way pressure can 
escape is via the FPR.  I think that either may be the culprit, but the FPR 
is by far the easist thing to try if you don't have a pressure gauge with 
the shut off valve ...

All this said, I don't think that EFI is as susceptible to starting problems 
due to low fuel pressure, as the fuel pressure is not as integral to the 
overall mixture generation.

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> In the V8 is this function contained in the pump ala other typ 44's or is
> it in the Fuel Pressure Reg?
> My car is taking a few extra cranks to start and the symptoms really feel
> like a fuel system that is down on residual pressure.

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