[V8] What was I thinking!!! (was: the end of the Type 44?)

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Date: Friday, February 17, 2006 7:39 am
Subject: [V8] What was I thinking!!!  (was:  the end of the Type 44?)

snipped stuff...
> Yesterday my wife and I had meetings in Augusta and from there, we 
> drove to
> South Portland for a few things, returning home before seven in the 
> evening.It was about a thirteen hour day and we put around 350 
> miles on her 100 CS
> Quattro Avant.  It's a nice car for that sort of trip, although it 
> needsabout thirty horsepower more than the V6 was designed to 
> produce:  it really
> needs a 3.6 litre V8 out of an early V8 that was crunched in the 
> rear, is
> what it really needs.
Just to push your buttons a little...:-)

 I saw recently on the audiworld web site that the fellow who had had audiconnection throw in a 3.6 v8 into his 88 or 89 audi avant is putting it up for sale for financial reasons.  It's supposed to go like lightning and has the utility that you're looking for.


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