[V8] Radio removal

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Feb 17 16:21:42 EST 2006

... if you do use the coat hangers you may find that you have to spread them slightly to fully disengage the clips that are on the deck ... then,, as indicated earlier pull out the deck ... can kinda be a three hand deal, but not too difficult.  The thing is, if you have the proper tools they engage the latch on the deck and so all you have to do is hold one in each hand and use them to pull the deck out of the slot ... 

If you plan to use the deck again, make sure you know the radio code!

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Hah.  I have four hands, but two belong to my 20-month old, who might
> not grasp the concept.
> Going for the coat-hanger approach first, and will go from there...

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