[V8] (v8) v8 won't shift

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Fri Feb 17 17:09:05 EST 2006

Sorry for the test.  I've been posting this email the last few days and 
nothing gets on.


My V8 won't shift into 2nd. I've had the car sit for most of the winter and
the other day I had charged the battery and got it running.  However,
driving it the car would not shift to 2nd gear.  Typically, the car will not
get into 2nd until rpms are at 3000.  This only occurs after start.  then it
shifts properly.

do you think i'm looking at a shot trans or some sort of malfunction in the
tcu/ecu.  possible as the car had been sitting for long period and it was
raining the day before - maybe some frost got into relays or something.

Steve Kramer

1990 v8q

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