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Tue Feb 14 11:20:02 EST 2006

automatic transmission, get as much history on the car in that regard as =
you can ... if the tranny's been well cared for I'll bet you're looking =
at a car with pretty good chances for being a relatively problem free =
ride ... here again, given the age of the car ...=20

Steve B
San Jos=E9, CA (USA)
> Hi a potential new Audi v8 owner here with a few questions.  I am =
thinking of
> getting a v8, my current thought is that it would be better to buy one =
from a
> reputable place and a car that has been gone over by a specialist, =
than to
> roll the proverbial dice.  My wife is selling her Acura TSX, she was =
going to
> take my 95 BMW 540i 6 spd, but I really think she'll like the audi =
> looking at a 94 w/ 160k for $6500.  Owning a BMW I know old german =
cars can be
> expensive, but I do feel they are better built than most other cars =
(though I
> also love some japanese and american cars).  So my question is if you =
had to
> do it over, would you buy private owner or dealer?  What's the =
feedback on
> GermanCarConnection?

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