[V8] why you stick a V8 into a Type 44 Avant

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Yes, I  saw the Avant with the V8 on the Audi Connection website.

But my  20Valve Avant already has V8 like performance, and from my
experience, I  see no reason to shove a V8 into the wagon. Besides, even a
10-Valve engine  has enormous potential for developing much more power.

Now, the C-4  cars would make a great V8 conversion candidate.  My mechanic
has a  '97 A6 that was totaled out by the insurance company because  the  ECU
got flooded when leaves and junk was allowed to fill up the cowl  area.  John
bought the car for about three grand, and has fixed the  ecu and the car is
now running and ready to be sold....OR, maybe,  converted.  I'm not ready to
finance such a conversion at the moment,  but it is a tasty thought.


Because its the first step to building a twin turbo V8 avant...and  that my 
friend is a torque level that's a whole order of magnitude above  what a 
200q20v is normally capable of. It's also the plan of attack for the new  owner of 
that particular car which now resides with its new owner in  Cincinnati.

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