[V8] (v8) v8 won't shift

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Fri Feb 17 21:35:52 EST 2006

Steve Kramer wrote:
 > My V8 won't shift into 2nd. I've had the car sit for most
 > of the winter and the other day I had charged the battery
 > and got it running.  However, driving it the car would not
 > shift to 2nd gear.  Typically, the car will not get into
 > 2nd until rpms are at 3000.  This only occurs after start.
 > then it shifts properly.

My first step would be to change the transmission fluid.
If you get it done professionally, spend the money on
the ones that pump the fluid in and out, completely
changing the fluid.

If you just drop the pan and drain it, it leaves a lot
of old fluid still in the transmission.  There are those
on the list who do just that, but repeat it three or four
times in a row, so "most" of the old fluid is removed.

I think something like VAG-COM can pull transmission codes.
I'm not sure it can be done with a test light.

You may want to search the archives. Go to google.com
and enter: site:www.audifans.com V8 transmission flush

Kent McLean
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