[V8] Why you stick a V8....

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 11:10:01 EST 2006

What about an Allroad Roger?  It has 3 levels of height adjustment
(Autobahn, around town, and Maine rural roads) and you can get it with a 4.2
or a 2.7tt.  I think the 2.7 is a bit of a pain reliability wise ($$), which
makes the 4.2 even more attractive (although more rare).

My biggest turnoff about these cars is the Tupperware they are clad in.  I
am pleased to see the new ones are available with 'Tupperware painted body
color' which is unfortunately a $$ option on the Mulroney.

I think you are right on the money about only buying Audi Certified; more
than once I wish I had a get out of jail free card for my V8!  :-)


- Jeremy

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I question whether or not an S6 Avant would work at all also, simply because
the car sits lower on the ground than a regular garden variety A6.  

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