[V8] Why you stick a V8....

urq urq at pacbell.net
Sun Feb 19 22:41:32 EST 2006

... IMO there's too much investment in internal combustion technology for it 
to go away ... perhaps your car will run on Hydrogen in 30 years ... I don't 
know, but I'm not going to bemoan the demise of my cars too soon.  Everyone 
is so focused on oil ... there are so many other possibilities ... alcohol 
in some form, bio diesel ... I even hear that the USA might well become the 
next middle east as prices per barrel of oil go high enough to make coal 
liquefaction competitive (and there are other coal producing areas outside 
the middle east around the world).  Here's an article:


... I'm still a bit hesitant to plunk down $30K for a car myself, but it is 
all based on total costs and ROI ... That said, when my lotto ticket pays 
off I'm going right down to my Ford dealer!  :-)

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

> I have a hard time even thinking about spending $30+K on a new car, only 
> to have
> the fuel become next to impossible to get before the warranty runs out.
> There are more than just a few sane and knowledgable people who say we are 
> at
> peak oil right now.
> Add China and the rest of the developing world to the consumption pie and 
> you
> (we) have a problem.
> If the bonehead in chief succedes in starting a nuclear war in Iran, we 
> may be
> going back to burning cow chips for steam anyway.

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