[V8] '93 Picture

Paul Jager pjager at telus.net
Tue Feb 21 16:42:42 EST 2006

Here's a shot of my'93V8 taken today (115KB)....


I think I've had it about 6 years and it runs & looks better than ever.
Everything works, put in a sub chamber for deep bass, using our spare well
sealing system (just like on our 928 Audio).

I still am living with an oil leak off the back, driver side of the engine.
I did a 1000 mile trip and used a quart over the distance. Consumption of
oil is not the issue, just the smoking 5 minutes after initial start, or on
stopping after a few hours on the highway (burns off the cats after loss of
cooling air flow across the cats.) Embarrassing!

We did the distributor seals and o-rings. I still suspect the head gasket at
the corner. A barely noticeable coolant leak was in the same region, leak
stopper fixed that.  I might get a dye kit and use mirrors to trace.


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