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I will check there as well.  I take it that's on the driver's side also?
Unheated garage has hindered my enthusiasm for really delving into the job.
As far as I can tell, if it's not the VC gasket(s) oil distributor
gasket(s), then the only other (back of the engine) areas for leakage would
be the Cylinder heads where they attach tot he block, oil pan (upper and
lower) and rear main seal.  I have discounted the rear main seal in my case.
Will report what I find on my '93 when I figure it out.


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> We did the whole works 2 or 3 seals done by our tech. I took a mirror and
> under the distributor cap, everything is dry there.
> There is a small flat ledge visible at the bottom corner of the head of
> block. It's about 0.3" wide by 0.75" long - and you can spy it with a
> maglite. Not sure if that is part of the block or the head.  If I clean
> that, oil appears pretty quick on that surface. That is where a small
> of coolant was sitting too after stopping for the night, until I used a
> bottle or stop leak months ago.
> According to the service records this car has a huge bill $5000+ in 1995
> the following at 41,468 km's or only 25,000 miles:
> Dealer Operation # 1570125 Replace headgaskets
>                  # 1750118 Oil pan gasket
> Also included Both front strut inserts, control arm bushings, replace
> radiator, brakes & discs all ' round.
> My guess is this is the same oil leak, they went at it but didn't solve
> Therefore engine runs great but has a problem at the back corner of the
> block. They should have used gasket compound there I think.
> Paul
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> Did you just do the oil ring seal, or did you also remove the
> distributor mount with the 2 torx screws and do the flat seal for it...
> Paul Jager wrote:
> >Here's a shot of my'93V8 taken today (115KB)....
> >
> >http://www.jageng.com/Images/AudiV8_Moving.jpg
> >
> >I think I've had it about 6 years and it runs & looks better than ever.
> >Everything works, put in a sub chamber for deep bass, using our spare
> >sealing system (just like on our 928 Audio).
> >
> >I still am living with an oil leak off the back, driver side of the
> >I did a 1000 mile trip and used a quart over the distance. Consumption of
> >oil is not the issue, just the smoking 5 minutes after initial start, or
> >stopping after a few hours on the highway (burns off the cats after loss
> >cooling air flow across the cats.) Embarrassing!
> >
> >We did the distributor seals and o-rings. I still suspect the head gasket
> at
> >the corner. A barely noticeable coolant leak was in the same region, leak
> >stopper fixed that.  I might get a dye kit and use mirrors to trace.
> >
> >Paul
> >www.jageng.com

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