[V8] Wanted to Buy: 1990 V8Q manual, hardcopy only, latest edition

Pat Gillen pat_gillen at msn.com
Fri Feb 24 00:10:14 EST 2006

Anybody got a paper manual (Bentley?), latest edition for sale?  I can no
longer deal with the fiche and all of a sudden (to me!) I got a rack boot
failure to do.  I need pictures of what is involved, as I am out of my prime
at 54+72&225&goinblind when it comes to the contortions this great car


But contortion speaklouder than the dealer's quote of $1650 vs the option of
discarding an automotive standard.  The same dealer who 1 yr ago replaced
the tie rod end at great expense and now I got a problem.  But, looking at
the postings for two years, I would have had a problem anyway(?).


I am trying not to think of this as a problem, only a solution waiting to


Please quote what manual mfr/part number or revision number for the manual
you have.  Thanks in advance,


Pat Gillen

pat_gillen at msn.com

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