[V8] 1991? V8 in Massachusetts

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Fri Feb 24 16:25:04 EST 2006

Vin year identifier is the 10th digit,  "L" means it's a 1990.   91=M,
92=N, 93=P, 94=R etc. skipping the "O's, Q's etc." that could be confused
with a numeral.

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rmwoodbury at adelphia.net writes:

> Here's the VIN for anyone with a current carfax who would like to 
> look it up:  WAUKE5445LN001277
> I think that is a strange VIN.  It will be interesting to learn what 
> year the car really is, because if it is a '91, then it is a very 
> very late 1991.  I doubt that it is a 1991, though because the last 
> four numerals....1377...should be higher for a late year model.  My 
> guess is that it might be a '91, but is probably a '92, unless the 
> correct series numbers are 5445....

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