[V8] it's all YOUR fault!

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at adelphia.net
Sat Feb 25 09:42:07 EST 2006

You folks.  It's all YOUR fault.  I have put a test message up in the cars
section of the Audifans website to test the waters.  I doubt that anyone
will want to talk about buying the Black Mariah, but the past two days posts
about the cheap V8 in Massachusetts has driven me over the edge.  But in
order to rationally think about another V8 in this household, I will have to
sell the Black Mariah first, THEN go shopping.  And, no, the one in Mass is
probably too old and not of interest.

Anyway, it's not really your fault.  I am going to buy another car sometime
this year, as I am going to be doing a bit more traveling than I have been
doing in the past couple of years, and I want something newer than the '91.
Plus the little tale about my wife not liking the stick shift 200 20-valve
is absolutely true:  she really doesn't like going far in that car because
she cannot drive it.  

I have been thinking about all the alternatives.  I have been watching the
sales of S6 Avants for some time now and find that there are quite a few of
them that are popping up for resale...probably leases that have run to their
end.  Still pretty pricey, I think.  

I have ruled out S8's due to the cost of everything associated with them.
This past week I watched an eBay auction for a 01 A6 Avant with 23,000 miles
in Texas.  It was a yummy car from the pictures, and it did not bring the
listed price...nor close to it, which was about twenty grand.  There are a
lot of A6's out there, but I am not excited about having one.  

There's nothing like a V8, and I might as well make some progress if I
really think that I might like to have another one.  

But I still think it is all your fault!


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