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Tue Feb 14 11:20:02 EST 2006

rheostat does not stop at max and min, but will spin in either =

Now, if the lights on the instrument cluster proper stay on while the =
lights that illuminate the other switches and the climate control go out =
you may have a problem with the "booster" ...=20

Steve B
San Jos=E9, CA (USA)
> Somebody must have experienced this one!
> At night I am driving along, headlights on, and suddenly the lights in =
> consol go dead.  It's quite a strange feeling without the friendly =
glow of the
> lights!  If I turn off the lights the usual daylights come-on - radio, =
> dash shifter selector etc.  In the morning, the lights behave =
normally, until
> the headlights are used continuously.  Anyone BTHT?

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