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Korn, Bob Bob.Korn at Fike.com
Tue Jan 3 21:04:35 EST 2006

Check under the rain diverter, I had crack in mine and the drain was plugged, and the PO had a remote Radar Detector installed and they ran the wire through a grommet in the heater area, which leaked into the footwell area on the drivers side, a long shot but worth a look.

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... a couple weeks ago I noticed that the carpet in the front passenger footwell area was soaked.  I swapped in the carpet out of the other car for a quick fix.  We got a good bit of rain again yesterday, and I noticed a wet spot developing on the "new" carpet.  I crawled in to check things out and noticed that water was dripping from the HVAC duct that goes to the passenger footwell.  The water appeared to be running down the outside of the duct.  I haven't had a chance to tear into this "roadworthy" car yet, but I thought I'd post for BTDT.  I did have this happen on #344 as well ... in that case it was the entire windshield that had come loose ... I'm hoping such will not be the finding in this instance.  

Until yesterday I thought I was approaching the culprit ... for some reason water seems to collect somewhere behind the door seal of the front passenger door!  I've noticed that when the door is opened after a rain a good bit of water will drain out.  I thought it might have something to do with the sunroof drain, but I confirmed that the sunroof drain works just fine with the front door closed.  Any thoughts or BTDT here would also be appreciated!  

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
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