[V8] It was G28 afterall!!

Peter Littlewood littlepete_19 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 5 09:51:18 EST 2006

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, Glad to say the old girl is running again. Thanks once again to those 
who sent me their pearls of wisdom. After much agro I found it was the 
engine speed sensor causing the hot start problem. Even when I tested it on 
the car it appeared to be fine (only when it warmed up a little did it break 
down electricall)

Next problem.

The ABS control unit has died,(I've swapped it with my mates A100tq which 
works fine)
However trying to find a 2ndhand replacement is proving hard.
Does the V8 share the ABS unit with any other Audi models?
I would get one for an A100qt but they are even rarer than the V8 in the UK.



90 V8

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