[V8] Radio Noise

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Jan 17 15:29:08 EST 2006

As a former stereo installer, I can tell you that the V8 already has a pretty
good electrical system as far as noise is concerned. Do you still have the stock

>From the factory you should have:

noise suppression spark plugs/wires and dist. cap shield
capacitor on the alternator
choke on the radio power supply. (located in the pass. side relay tray)

This is all stuff that any good stereo shop should be able to add for you - but
you should already have it.
My guess is something is wrong with the antenna or cables or amps. Again, a good
stereo shop should be able to ID the noise source and do something about it.
(and if your AM stations carry the same crap as around here, that would explain
a lot too...)

You might also keep in mind that if you have alternator whine, that could be an
indicator that you have a bad diode in the alternator field.
This would get worse with a heavy load - like the rear defroster.


Quoting bblake1055 at aol.com:

> While we're on the topic of "Snaping" noises and capacitors.  Does anybody
> have and BTDT with Radio capacitors?
> I listen to a lot of AM talk radio and two of the V8's have the same problem.
>  I will get a lot of static and interference on AM and if I push the Rear
> deforster button on and off it will go away (at least half of it).
> Sometimes I will get noises if the phone charger is plug in.
> Are there any capacitors or chokes for the radio interference??
> Bob Blake
> 90 V8
> 91 V8
> 92 V8
> 93 V8
> 93 V8 5 spd
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