[V8] T44 Avant Antenna Notes [REPOST]

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Jan 19 19:44:07 EST 2006

> ... the amp is in the base of the antenna (assuming we're talking about the
> Fuba unit attached to the tail end of the greenhouse near the rear hatch.  If
> you have the antenna in the rear window post back and I can provide detail.
> Better yet, check the TidBit I wrote up in the Audifans KB ...
> The antenna gets power from the switched power source coming out of the deck.
> It seems some installers don't think to hook up the "antenna power" output
> that every aftermarket deck I've ever seen has.  One other clue that this is
> your problem ... if you leave the stereo on with the key out and open the
> driver's door do you hear a warning chime?  IME the warning chime triggers
> from the same power source that supplies the antenna.
> Steve B
> San José, CA (USA)
> >
> > I wonder if the power supply for the antenna is either disconnected or has
> > failed.  I also wonder where the darned cutsey little thing is
> > located..under the rear seat?  Or is it buried in the dash board?  Right now
> > it's pretty hard to go digging around in the innards of the car as even the
> > garage is cold.  But it would like to have a clue about the power supply
> > location.  If my memory serves, the powered antenna on my 5000CS Avant was
> > located under the rear seat, but that was three Avants ago.

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