[V8] '93 V8Q FS

Ed Dekker dekkere at fuse.net
Fri Jan 27 00:47:57 EST 2006

    Not sure if you're buying or telling us about it.
    If you are buying and have a good Audi dealer, take it in for their 100 
points warranty inspection.  I think I paid $100.  And get the radio code 
from them.  If you buy the 4.2, have it carried to the repair location; it's 
not worth risking a TB failure and new engine.  Believe me that hurt, even 
on an '83 5k turbo.  You can align it yourself or get a good shop to do it. 
Same with the PS pump o-rings.  Repairing the pump at 85k caused my old hyd 
hoses to fail and just repl the last one at 125k..  Interstate and others 
have vented batteries.  AudiConnection has fog lenses.  I have orig 
distributors, caps and wires but new plugs at ~65k.
    Not Xpert on '93 4.2 5sp prices but $10,995 sounds high to me.

Ed Dekker
    90 V8Q 128k titanium, stock, auto trans fine, saved by the Scott Head 
    97 A6Q Avant, 97k, pearl, equipped for power wheelchair stowage. 

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