[V8] '93 V8Q FS

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 27 08:32:11 EST 2006

Greg Johnson wrote:
 > ... as is the ever important timing belt and associated parts.
 > Given the miles, I think one should probably assume the T-belt
 > needs to be changed.

The T-belt change interval is 90K miles, so it more than likely
hasn't been done. And at 13 years old, the rubber belt is ready
to break. Change it first thing if you buy it. Figure $800 for
all the parts, about the same again for labor.

FWIW, www.kbb.com lists prices for that mileage as:

Retail, excellent condition: 	$11,235
private party, excellent:	$9,105
private party, good 		$8,495
private party, fair 		$7,690

Kent McLean
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