[V8] 3.6 to 4.2 swap

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Mon Jul 3 14:59:47 EDT 2006

The 4.2 only came with an 01E 6 speed, which is the difference. You'll have to remove the pilot bushing for the auto from the 4.2 crank and get a new pilot bearing as you'll destroy the old pilot bearing removing it.

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> Wow, sounds like the swap is easier than I thought. 
> Does the ABH crank have a place for a pilot bearing? 
> I noticed the V8's had two different clutches in them. 
> One was for '90-'91 V8's and the other is for '92-'94 
> V8's. What is the difference? Which one should I 
> buy? Thanks for your help guys. I'm getting pretty 
> excited about this project. 
> Tom B. 
> '91 V8 5spd (soon to be 4.2?) 
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