[V8] another v8 for sale

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Thu Jul 6 15:13:45 EDT 2006

I have not seen this car in a while - just got a call from the seller (foreign
auto repair shop here in Boise) today.

this one is some sort of white or pearl, black interior that seems to be in
decent shape - sport seats, paint and body panels are all good as I recall, all
chrome and trim present.
Not sure about miles - and the motor has thrown a timing belt. No idea about
tranny condition.
Would be a decent car if the motor was not blown.

He (mechanic) got the car because the previous owner did not want to sink money
into it anymore, and the mechanic was going to put a 4.2L in it. He also has
that motor but decided to give up on the plan.

I was interested in it for the engine block - if mine had piston bore wear.
Something I have not had time to investigate yet, but I plan to do a valve job
on mine as soon as I can get all my other projects out of the way and I wanted a
block laying around in case I needed it.

What do you all think this thing is worth? He is asking me to make an offer.
Basically I would offer to drag it away for him - but I am sure he thinks he is
sitting on a gold mine.

And - does anyone want it?

btw, there will likely also be a Lago blue car coming up for parts soon too.
Body panels are all good but the interior (grey sport seats) was filthy/trashed.
It probably also has a thrown t-belt although it has not been diagnosed yet.
It has about 150K miles on it. Cleaned up and running, it also would be a decent



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