[V8] Broken ignition Switch

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I'll go check it out.  Thanks for the quick response.
Has anyone replace the switch?  The book says you have to pull the steering wheel, column tube, switches, instrument cluster and then drill a hole in the switch to release the lock assembly.  Is all that really true???????
Bob Blake
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There is a double connector right bihind where the washer tank sits. It sits in a clip. You will see it from under the car, just outside of the framerail. Right in front of the fender liner. It has two wires, a Black/Red and a small blue. Jumper the Black/Red, and you will be up and running. To kill it, I'd pull the three wire connectors on the each of the coils. Maybe a fuse you can pull, too. 
Tony Hoffman 
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> Help! 
> My son's 1990 V8 is stuck in the Walmart parking lot with a broken > ignition switch. It is stuck in the "on" position and won't turn off or > start. 
> I am trying to jump the starter so I can at least get it home and figure > out what to do with it. 
> Does anyone know which wires I need to jump to start the car. There are 7 > wires and I'm trying to figure which ones I need to jump. 
> If it's easier I could jump it at the starter. 
> I open for any suggestions. 
> 5 AUDIS TOOOOOOOOO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
> Bob Blake 
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