[V8] Broken ignition Switch

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Thu Jul 6 21:47:43 EDT 2006

I don't have BTDT on the V8 ... but I think the T44 I had to do all that was needed was to unscrew the pin that was holding the switch in place.  I dug out the manual ... 94-50 confirms that this is all that is required ... it sounds like there are actually 2 screws now ...

The thing is ... are you planning to replace the electrical part of the switch or the lock itself?  I'm assuming that it is possible to insert and remove the key from the ignition lock cylinder, and turn the switch to the "ON" and "START" positions.  If this is indeed what you are seeing but the switch remains in the "ON" position I'm thinking that it may be the mechanical part of the switch you will need to repair/replace ... and I know to do this requires drilling of the lock casting.  The usual failure modes I'm aware of for the electrical part of the switch usually have to do with a failure of a particular contact to work when the switch is in a particular position ... if the switch appears to be in the "ON" position all the time I'm thinking this is not the fault of the electrical part of the switch ... section 94-60 indicates that you basically have to disassemble the interior of the car to get the lock cylinder out ... the list of parts in this section is:

 * disconnect battery ground strap
 * remove steering wheel and steering column switches (94-90)
 * remove instrument cluster (repair group 90)
 * remove trim under left side of instrument panel
 * remove glove box 
 * remove instrument panel cross member
 * remove connector from ignition switch
 * remove lock housing securing screw (Torx)
 * remove steering lock housing
 * drill 3mm diameter hole in exactly the right place ... don't drill in more than 2mm

Bon chance!
Steve B
San José, CA (USA)
> Has anyone replace the switch?  The book says you have to pull the steering
> wheel, column tube, switches, instrument cluster and then drill a hole in the
> switch to release the lock assembly.  Is all that really true???????

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