[V8] 91 V8 5 spd - Intake air leaks

dsaad at icehouse.net dsaad at icehouse.net
Tue Jul 11 11:10:20 EDT 2006

I wonder if the 5-speeds are a little more sensitive to this "surging" problem?
It seems to be pretty common.
Anyway, you have hit most of the common stuff - make sure all the usuall tune up
parts are in good shape, and hunt down any and all vacuum lines. Inspect each
line to make sure it is not cracked, and whatever it attaches to is also not
cracked/broken. The fuel tank vent valve (real name?) located behind the coolant
tank seems to get broken, causing air leaks.

Cracked distributor caps are also common - often caused by front end work. They
tend to arc out to the conductive plastic cover over the cap.

Being a new car to you, you might want to remove the throttle body and inspect
the linkage. It can get dirty and or small pebbles can get in there - causing
the throttle to stick. There are also some rubber gaskets there that could leak
air. Have a good look at the cruise control too - this has been a problem area
for this motor.


Quoting swett at comcast.net:

> Gentlemen,
> I've seen in the archives mention of a couple usual suspect hoses underneath
> the air filter cover.   I need to go in there and take a look for some false
> air.  may or may not be anything, but I'd like to see where everyone has had
> issues in the past.
> I've had my car for about 4 weeks now.  Love it!  Having driven many V8's in
> the past, never a stick it's just a totally different drive.  Just put about
> 450 hgwy miles on it over the holiday wknd, average mpg 23.8 at 75 loaded
> down with the A/C blowing full blast.  Can you say Torque?
> I still have some slight surging under light acceleration, also right at
> start up it will hunt for about 2-3 seconds until it settles down. No idle
> fluctuation otherwise.  I've done a few things already, FPR, ignition wires,
> o2 sensor, all filters.  Would like to take a look at any air lines that seem
> to have been culprits for anybody else.
> So, which lines should I be checking out?  Glady take any other advice on
> things to check for the "surge".  I've read the archives, seems everyone has
> their own version of how to address this Thang!
> Most appreciated!
> Allen Swett
> 91 V8 5 spd
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