[V8] V8 roots?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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I had a two door. It's the only car I've cut the top off with a "jaws of 
life" and the value went up. The inboard brakes were a nightmare, the motor 
mounts always broke, killing the downpipe with it, and you covered all the 
other problems. Jez, I wonder why the 924 engine was problemmatic. Anyhow, I 
paid $50 for it, and had a blast! I'd love to have one today just for the 
memories. Not to drive anywhere long distance, though.

Tony Hoffman

Oh, and the "wood" was vinyl. Same on the Foxes.

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> Huh??  The 100LS was a total POS, the carb and fuelish injected versions
> couldn't be adjusted to save your life, the inboard brakes were
> problematic, the cooling system didn't cool anything, electrical gremlins
> everywhere and head gaskets that were a maintenance item.  They were also
> complete rust buckets.  The ONLY thing the POS 100LS has in common with a
> V8Q is the purdy rings.
> There is a reason that the few examples left out there are all low
> mileage, those are the ones that didn't got to the Junk Yard but got put
> away in the corner of the garage instead.  The one in the link has 62,000
> miles, that's HIGH mileage for a 100LS, most of them didn't make it that
> far!
> It's been 20 years or so (thankfully) since I last worked on a 100LS, I
> could be wrong but I seem to recall the "wood" accents were contact
> paper, maybe just the cluster and wheel.
> http://www.geocities.com/cobramsri/
> I was nothing more than an almost innocent bystander. 

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