[V8] 1990 V8 New Rack Install & 1 IMPORTANT Question

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No insulation is required to be removed, however the entire firewall is covered with a foam pad, as well as the trans tunnel and it's possible that it was damaged during the repair.

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Subject: [V8] 1990 V8 New Rack Install & 1 IMPORTANT Question 
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> No more puddle!!! I am happy since this guy I found seems to have 
> donea good job with the rack. I have to go back today so he can 
> straightenout the steering wheel since it is a bit off to the 
> right. He said it 
> would take 10 minutes to do. He did find the tie rod bolts to be very 
> loose on the car so he said he went ahead and tightened everything up. 
> Car does feel a bit more solid. 
> Here's the question: Is there any kind of insulation that is removed 
> when the rack is done? I could swear I am hearing more engine and 
> tranny noise (even a possible vacuum leak) then before therefore the 
> cabin is not as quiet. I am going to see the mechanic in about 2-3 
> hours so can anyone give me some ideas? If he forgot to install 
> something back or got lazy I would really like to know. 
> Happy about the non-leaking rack, a bit uneasy as to the engine and 
> tranny noise in the cabin. 
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