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V8 Avant? Is this a custom or one off? Audi never made one... There was a Lang version.

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> That's a 90 200qa with a V8 engine. Its suspension parts would 
> be smaller 
> than a V8's. I doubt even 90 V8 springs would fit let alone 
> something from 
> a 93. 
> This is why people should be careful about typing without proper 
> research... 
> ALLLLLLLLL Type 44 and C4 chassis Quattro springs are physically 
> interchangable. From the first type 44 5kq all the way to the 98 
> A6q Avant. That list 
> includes 5k, 100, 200, A6, V8, S4, S6. 
> The difference is spring rate, all auto V8's use the same spring 
> rate on 
> both ends of the car. 
> So the answer to the original question is, yes and maybe no. H&R 
> springs V8 
> springs are compatable with any V8. IIRC though the Eibach's 
> listed for the 
> V8 are actually for a 200 and result in a extremely low ride ht on 
> the 
> heavier V8. 
> Specific to the V8 Avant which has a heavier rear end than a 
> normal V8 I 
> would strongly consider a specific setup. H&R's on Bilstien Sports 
> and have the 
> rear fitted with ECS Tuning's 23mm rear spring seat spacers... 
> they are 
> listed for the C4 chassis S4 on ECS's website. 
> KT 
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