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Wed Jul 26 18:31:51 EDT 2006

I wish I had the name of this thing to give you (I know MAC makes one) - but
essentially, you disconnect your fuel tank supply and return lines and hook them
up to the flush machine - much like a transmission flush machine works. You do
this right at the fuel rail.
The machine has its own fuel pump, and cycles the cleaner through the fuel rail
and injectors continiously for about 30 minutes. The constant spray on the back
of the intake valves cleans them up real nice, and the combustion chamber also
gets a much more thurough cleaning. Injectors and injector tips also get
continious cleaning.
The engine just idles for most of this procedure.

The cleaning stuff I am told is very much like the GM stuff - but the motor will
run on it. It does smoke like crazy.

After you are done, an oil change is mandatory and you are on your way.

My VW/Audi mechanic friend swears by this thing - in fact someone has come out
with a new and improved version and he has already bought it. It makes him a lot
of money and saves his customers a lot of money.
If you are really curious, I will ask him for the make and model of it.

I have not seen the aerosol you mentioned, but it would not work on the V8
anyway because none of them have the schrader test port. (well - none except
mine :-)
Here is the test port mod - as well as some other tidbits:


Quoting cobram at juno.com:

>  dsaad at icehouse.net writes:
> > I guess I was not clear about the flush job -
> > It absolutly does need a "machine" to do it. The process cleans the
> > entire fuel system from the fuel rails out to the injector tips, as
> well as
> > deposits on the intake valves and carbon in the combustion chamber.
> > It does a far better job than just pouring the cleaner stuff down
> > the intake - mostly because the machine replaces the engines fuel
> supply with the
> > cleaner (it is connected to the fuel line), and the motor is run for
> about 30
> > minutes this way - giving the cleaner more time to work.
> These are two different things here.  The products such as GM Top End
> cleaner and the other aggressive carbon removers need fuel to burn.  The
> engine will not run on them.  You're supposed to bog the engine with the
> top end cleaner until it dies, and let it soak in with the engine off.
> If your tailpipe smoke screen isn't killing mosquitos for miles around,
> you're doing it wrong. ;-)
> The other stuff is fuel system cleaner, and they do come in aerosol cans
> under high pressure which can be placed into a port of the fuel system.
> If anyone is thinking of getting this stuff (brand names escape me now)
> make SURE and get one that has a fitting which fits the V8Q fuel
> schrader, it's not a common size.  It's been a while, but it may have
> been the Wurth product that came with the correct fitting for use on the
> V8Q.  A couple of bottles of fuel system cleaner in the tank is usually
> part of the cleaning procedure.  Valvoline and a few others have ready
> made kits that come with the two cleaners and a small can of throttle
> body cleaner.  Unless you already have a V8Q adapter for the fuel line,
> don't bother with the kits, none that I've seen come with a fitting for
> the V8Q.
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