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removal.)  I didn't loose more than a cup of transmission fluid, but it 
wouldn't hurt to keep some in stock.  

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Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 19:18:50 -0400
Subject: [V8] V8 Radiator removal (long)

Stop at Home Depot and buy the 1/2" foam noted below.
Consider replacing the trans line o-rings (I didn't bother), Buy 4
quarts of Dexron III ATF, 1 gallon non phosphate Enviro coolant.
Strongly consider buying a front engine mount - If its never been
replaced, its broke - seperates on the bottom. Around 35.00 as I recall.
Reason I mention is its a breeze to do while the radiator is out...
If yours is a Northern car, buy the 4 rubber mounts in advance. You'll
at least break 2 trying to get them off the old radiator.
Time - 3-6 hours (took me 5 first time. I could do it in 3 now.)
Remove belly pan. Remove front attachment brackets (13mm)
Drain trans fluid (6mm allen)
Remove both air intakes (10mm)
Remove bumper - 3 13mm bolts each side. Pop inner fender liner on each
side. Locate wiring connection and unplug - under passenger headlight.
Lift straight up to unplug. Slide bumper forward and remove.
Remove both fans - 2 10mm bolts for electric. Place on drivers side
valve cover. 2 10mm bolts for engine driven shroud. Pin spanner and 32mm
wrench for fan - reverse threaded = clockwise to remove.
Remove 13mm bolts each side to drop oil cooler.
Disconnect lower temp sensor.
Drain radiator, remove hoses.
Remove allen bolts (4 or 5mm) for trans cooling lines and disconnect.
(They come out hard).
Remove 2 10mm bolts for front air temp sensor. Move to side or drop
Remove 4 10 mm bolts for AC condensor. Swing AC condensor down and drop.
Remove 1 10mm nut each inside top holding radiator in position
Remove radiator - swing out from bottom mounts, pull slightly forward,
and drop down and out. Transfer/replace 4 rubber mountings and temp
sensor. Remove, clean (I used Auto Prep) and replace foam seal (1/2"
wide high density foam - 1.99 at Home Depot).
Installation is the reverse...
1.  This is a great time to add a slim line pusher fan. Mine is a 16"
mounted on the AC condensor. + comes from the jump start terminal, - is
to the block. Thermostat adj control is mounted to the passenger side
headlight with marine velcro. Greatly improves AC performance and
moderately assists with keeping engine cool. Adds maybe 20 minutes to
the job. Around 50.00 at Pep Boys, Discount, etc.
2.  I was surprised how easy the bumper was to install in comparison to
the 200q - much easier. Also noted that my early '90 model air guides
(bumper to radiator) were rubber, where my late model '90 has high
density foam. The rubber is much better.
3. Don't be surprised if you wipe out some of the air duct mounting
rivets. I still need to come up with a replacement on those... I was
told they had something at Lowes that would work.
4. Reinstall the lower trans line first - it will be a bi*ch. I used a
2X4 to push it on and played with the allen bolt for 15minutes trying to
line it up and start it.
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