[V8] Repos of rear DTM spoiler

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 11:33:29 EDT 2006

 I seen those a while back when he was guaging
 But I don't need those cause I got a set of Urs sport
seats. & fit the 95.5 S6 headrests(which are solid)
instead of the haveing a hole. But my Green V8 with I
do have correct taverntein sports from a 90 V8 could
use them. But I'll probley find a pair of Ecru Urs
sports & have them died. Or I may just go get the
Leather needed & have the foam & have the 90 sports I
have stitched to resemble the original Urs seats.
 But I don't care about that at the moment I care
about getting my hands on a few of these spoilers ;-)

--- Dave Head <v8q at bellsouth.net> wrote:

  He's also doing repros of the headrest inserts...
Ready to sell!

Ron Wainwright wrote:  
 Yes Paul is a very nice guy. I got his rear
Smokedlights & front Euro Smoked blinkers on my Green
V8 &his Clear front blinkers on my Pearl V8. Pauls Bro
lives about 40 min away from me in Conn. If enough
intrest is generated then I maybe able totalk Paul
into haveing a bunch of them shipped to hisBro & I
could ship out from there. To East Coasters.Maybe
someone on the West Coast(Jeremy) could do thesame on
his side of the US. But of course this all depends on
everything thats tocome. So for those who looked what
do you think? A tentative price is $150 Euros, which
I'm toldtranslates into under $200! But I bet the cost
willrise with shipping!Ron--- Dave Head
<v8q at bellsouth.net>
wrote:---------------------------------  FYI - Pauls
email: paulfern at custom-auto-craft.comRon Wainwright
wrote:   Hey, I just seen this
sure if it's going to come up, but thats thelinkto
audiv8.com. I see Jeramy over there from timetotime so
he may all ready know about this? Butbasically he's
made or is makeingreproductions(exact)of the rear DTM
spoiler. It evenlooks like it'sadjustable(as the
original was) RiteDave C :) But Imailed Mr Tackett to
see what he thinks & if helikesmaybe we can get a GB
of these things.  Well check outthe link. The link is
allso on theAudiworld site. ButI'm very interested in
getting 2of these. From thepics I've seen they look
great. So how bout it checkout the link & lets see
whatswhat as far as intrest.I'll probley get one
anyway, but getting a bunchwouldbe cheaper
obviousley.ThanxRon90 80Q 20vt AANproject90 V8Q 3.6
not stock93 V8Q 4.2 "The GreenMonster"& A Porsche
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