[V8] Front Strut mount failures

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The only  reason that I can think of for the failure, was that the rubber
mounting  pieces on the top  of the strut assembly were of exceedingly  poor
 When a front strut mounting plate is fails by having the strut shaft  go all 
the way through its the result of improper installation of the strut. 
 There is a large cupped washer that MUST be installed an ALL Type 44  and C4 
chassis cars under the mounting plate. The purpose of this washer is to  
spread the load across the entire underside of the bushing and in case of  
complete bushing failure to prevent the strut shaft from going all the way  through. 
 That said....
 There are three styles of upper mounts. 
 The 10v type 44's had a stamped mount that's not worth  installing IMO. The 
bushing material sucks and the bushing doesn't really get  any support from 
the mount.
 3.6 V8's and 200q20v's have a much improved cast mount with a more  durable 
and softer bushing material and the casting is designed to give lots of  
support to the bushing. This mount can be retrofitted to any 10v type 44 by  simply 
clearancing the slotted holes with a round file or dremel.....you can  
actually get it installed without clearancing but that's up to each owner.
 Best of all are the cast mounts found on 4.2 V8's and all C4's.  It can be 
retrofitted but requires the entire upper strut mounting and  bearing assembly 
from a 4.2 or C4 to do so..and of course its a LOT of  work.


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