[V8] Restarting when warm

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The V8 doesn't seem to like being started and shut off without
driving it.  It may have just been flooded.
I had very similar problems with the 2111 code and the car to run
poorly.  I too switched sensor positions and made the problem go
away.  The car may be more sensitive to the RPM sensor signal than
the CPS because the car started OK.

I changed them with inexpensive Audi 5000 sensors from Rockauto.
The sensors came in "standard auto parts" boxes , but had audi rings
and part numbers.



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So I decided to take the car for a drive tonight to see if it would
stay running.
Prior to the drive I let it idle in the garage to try heat soaking
the sensors.  It worked as the car would not restart.  I let it cool
a bit and then squirted some water around the sensors to cool them
off a bit.  This worked and the car started and ran just fine for
the test drive.  I got home, shut it down and let it sit for a bit
less than a minute.  It started back up.  So I left it running in an
attempt to again heat soak the sensors.  Every time I shut it down,
it would restart.  So I shut it down and let it sit for about 2.5
hours.  Now it refuses to start.  The codes still indicate that the
crank angle sensor is bad.  I'm also seeing a 2342 oxygen sensor
code, but I think it's unrelated...

Is the starting when hot, but failing to start when cool still
indicative of a bad hall sensor or should I start looking into other
possibilities?  I have a new sensor on its way, but would like to
get started looking into other possible causes as soon as possible,
if necessary.



Sounds like it to me as well.  Having it in the "no-start position"
is a better place for the bad one because it only needs to be cool
to let you start the car.  If the problem occurs after only a short
stop, you can pour water just inboard of the driver's side
distributor cap to cool it off to get it started again.


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> Hi Guys,
> I've got a bit of a problem.  Sunday I was headed on a trip up to
> wineries when all of a sudden the car up and dies.
>  Up to this point it had been running great.  I was kind of hot 
> footing it through a nice twisty section and had just backed off
> resumed a more appropriate pace when the problem occurred.  I had
> problem with these exact symptoms a while back which turned out to
> the fuel pump.  So I took a guess that this might be the case
> After rolling the beast off of the flatbed I decided to see if it 
> would start.
> Much to my surprise and thoughts of ensuing unpleasantness, she 
> started right up.  I pulled it into the garage, shut it down and
> to start 'er again...started just fine.  So, Monday rolls around
and I 
> decide I'd better see if a trip is possible as I'll have to leave
> house at 4:30am Tuesday morning to take my friend back to the
> Started and ran just fine...for a little while.
> Observations while trying to get back to the house:
> 1. Engine seems really warm
> 2. Upper rad house is very hot, lower is quite cool 3. Pulling
> reveals a 2111
> I pulled the t-stat out to verify that it would open in a pot of 
> boiling water...it does.  I removed the speed and crank angle
> cleaned them up, tested resistance (1k seen of
> DMM) and reinstalled them.  I swapped one for the other when 
> installing them.  Now the car seems to run just fine...at least in
> garage (I haven't taken a road test as yet).
> However, it refuses to restart if I shut it down and the code is
> registered as 2112.  I think that is exactly what I wanted to see.
> I'm thinking that I have a bad sensor (same sensor in 2 locations
> 2 codes).  Do you guys think this sounds right?
> Thanks,
> Dustin
> '90 V8Q


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