[V8] Air Conditioner Question - Part 2

Jeremy Ward jward.v8 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 19:54:20 EDT 2006

Yup, '09 is displayed on mine, although the AC works fine.  I was getting
'16 too; disconnect the connector that is hooked to the sensor on the AC
condenser inlet (behind the grill on the driver's side).  Next, take a very
small chunk of paperclip to short the pins of the connector together.  If
your AC runs cold, replace this sensor.  I picked up a used one from a 5000
for $40. There is a schraeder valve (like a bike tire) to keep the R12 in,
but my schraeder was bad. If you take the sensor off to replace and hear the
slow hiss, tighten it back down.  I ended up having an AC shop evacuate my
R12, replace the schraeder valve, replace the AC filter, and pump the R12
and lubricant back in.  This should be done every 5 years or so anyway.

Don't drive with the paper clip in for very long; this is a fail safe to
keep very expensive parts from blowing up.  I am 90% sure you need to
replace the high pressure sensor, but it should be that you have some (rare)
problem that cranks the pressure up.  Since you said it blows cold when you
short power to the AC clutch, I doubt your problem is anything but the


- Jeremy

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The other fault I get is a #16 - a short circuit on
the high pressure sensor. Hopefully, I'll find my
problem via these two fault codes.

Does yours spit out #9 even though you have no coolant
temp sensor?


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