[V8] O2 Sensor HELP!

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Sat Jun 3 14:43:32 EDT 2006

You're not keeping the old one, so cut off the wires and use a regular long
socket.  I needed a two-foot breaker bar with a piece of pipe extending it
a couple feet to get enough leverage to move the old one.  I had to take it
most of the way out that way.  The sensor's threads stayed in the exhaust
bung, so I also had to run a tap through it several times to clean out the
scraps so I could install the replacement.   If my fading memory is
correct, I used a spark plug thread chaser to clean out the bung.  This was
a really tough job with the car on jackstands and me on my back.  

At 12:46 PM 6/3/2006 -0400, Stafford, Kenneth A. wrote:
>Ok, I've decided to replace my O2 sensor--got the Ford part.  Now does anyone
>know how to get the stinking thing out??  I shudder at having to remove the
>X-pipe--all the exhaust flange screws are totally rusted and will certainly
>snap off if I try to get them loose.  I have the regular heavy duty O2 split
>socket tool (and have installed hose clamps to prevent it from opening up).
>I have applied MASSIVE torque to the tool, but don't seem to be getting
>anywhere.  Anyone got a BTDT?  Should I try heating with a torch?  It have
>sprayed it with WD-40 and smacked it along the threaded nipple.  I'm
>considering drilling a 1/4 inch hole through the hex so I can get a rod in
>there to turn it (when the rusted hex eventually rounds off from my wrench
>efforts).  Looking for some sympathy and suggestions...
>91 V8Q 200K miles (at least 90K and 7 years on this O2 sensor)  
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