[V8] Rear Brakes

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Jun 5 15:57:15 EDT 2006

Hang onto your wallet when you check the pricing on the modulator in front
of the driver wheelwell.

I think the rears are restricted to less fluid than the fronts in the
output from the MC.

I'm in the rustbelt.  I've changed rear brake hoses on our V8 #1, on our
4kq and on my 200q20v, and I always end up splicing in a short piece of
hard brake line  on the passenger side because those fittings almost never
come apart cleanly for me.  I'm doing the rear brake hoses on V8#2 later
this week and plan on using a six-inch (or whatever shortest length it is
available from FLAPS) splice on the passenger side.  The driver side takes
the next longest length to replace right from the junction block into which
it screws. 

I have an Eezibleed   http://www.rdent.com/images/eezibleed.jpg   .   If I
hadn't already purchased that when I saw the following, I'd have made my
own     http://www.bmw-m.net/TechProc/bleeder.htm      Wouldn't have to
drag out the air regulator and get it turned down to 15 lbs.

At 11:45 AM 6/5/2006 -0700, Buchholz, Steven wrote:
>... the planets aligned yesterday ... I got all the parts together and time 
>to address the rear brake issue on #2.  The problem is that *both* rear 
>calipers were weeping brake fluid ... compounded by the fact that I 
>accidentally allowed the brake fluid level drop too far in the reservoir ... 
>oh well, I needed to replace the fluid anyway!  
>I did the left side first ... no drama ... then came the right side ... I 
>had the same problem I had on the left for #344 ... the fitting from the 
>hard line to the flex hose (at the body) is stuck.  I put everything back 
>together with the old hose in place, but I do need to get that old hose out. 
> My flare nut wrench was starting to round the head on the fitting, but for 
>now it is basically intact.  Hopefully the penetrating oil will do its magic 
>over the next couple days.  At this pint I'm half tempted to use a Vise Grip 
>... knowing that I will not be able to replace the fitting ... but before 
>doing this I thought I'd post to see if anyone has any cool methods besides 
>my brute force technique.  
>While I was bleeding the brakes I noticed that the amount of fluid coming 
>out both rear calipers was rather small per brake pedal stroke ... 
>especially as compared to the fronts.  I looked in the manual and found the 
>V8 has two rear brake modulation devices (other than the ABS that is).  
>There's a valve that regulates pressure to one side if there are signs that 
>an inside rear tire is lifting ... funny thing is that it only does this on 
>one side!  The other modulator is the standard valve mounted to the body 
>that has a spring bracket to the left rear suspension.  Has anyone had to 
>replace this second valve?  It sure seems as though the one on #2 is stuck 
>and does not return.  I can make it move to the top or bottom of travel, 
>where it will remain ... but it will not spring up under its own force.  I 
>think this valve may be why I don't seem to get much fluid flow to the rear 
>calipers.  Has anyone had to deal with the other valve failing?  
>... even though I am pretty sure I got all of the air out of the lines the 
>pedal seems to drop more than I think it should.  I do get full braking 
>force ... I can hear some impending lockup in the rear and front when I try 
>panic stops.  I'm thinking I should bite the bullet and get one of the 
>pressurized bleeders ... and thought I'd troll here for BTDT on a good one 
>of those too ... 

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